Bushfire Centre of Excellence webpage revamp

Bushfire Centre of Excellence
Bushfire Centre of Excellence

The Bushfire Centre of Excellence (BCoE) has a new-look webpage, featuring a streamlined booking process and an extensive catalogue of useful research and resources.

Designed to meet high standards of functionality and optimal stakeholder experience, the new digital presence was created to mirror the excellence and dynamism that define the BCoE.

Book an event, training or meeting online

A new online form makes it easier for Department Fire and Emergency Services (DFES) staff, volunteers and external stakeholders to book training and meeting spaces at the BCoE.

You can browse meeting rooms online and see what options are available, including audiovisual support and catering. 

The BCoE welcomes all people interested in upskilling or sharing knowledge in bushfire management to use the facility for events, training or meetings.

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Browse the bushfire research catalogue

A catalogue of bushfire research and resources is now available on the BCoE webpage.

The information has been sourced from government and research sites, reputable organisations, and academic journals offering a comprehensive resource for those involved in bushfire management.

The catalogue is reviewed regularly by BCoE, including key partners and experts, to ensure its relevance and accuracy.

Explore the available bushfire training courses

The BCoE webpage now hosts bushfire training courses for public users.

The Bushfire Fundamentals and Rural Fire Awareness courses target individuals involved in bushfire response, farmers, seasonal workers and anyone keen on understanding bushfires better.

This new and improved access to bushfire training will help boost engagement and promote increased preparedness in Western Australian communities.

Read more about these courses here, or view the full BCoE training calendar here.

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Tell us what you think

The BCoE is committed to staying at the forefront of bushfire research, training and engagement.

The new webpage design reflects the dedication of the BCoE and its partners to continuously improve the way bushfire knowledge is collected and communicated.

Individuals and organisations involved in managing the growing threat of bushfires can find valuable information on the site and learn more about BCoE projects like the Cultural Fire Program, which aims to enhance understanding of cultural fire practices in Western Australia.

We welcome your feedback on the redesigned webpage. Please share your thoughts with us at bushfirecoe@dfes.wa.gov.au