Mid West community rallies for pre-season campaign during Cyclone Seroja recovery

Kalbarri SES volunteer Steve Cable features in the campaign to encourage people to prepare for cyclone season
Kalbarri SES volunteer Steve Cable features in the campaign to encourage people to prepare for cyclone season

Members of WA’s Mid West community and a local netball star are spearheading a Department of Fire and Emergency Services campaign encouraging people to prepare for this summer’s cyclone season. 

A series of online videos have been created specifically for the region and acknowledge the challenge families and businesses face preparing properties for potential storms, flooding and cyclones while continuing their recovery from Cyclone Seroja.

The tailored videos for the Mid West region, featuring a local State Emergency Services volunteer, DFES District Officer, Department of Communities Recovery Officer and a primary producer will be seen in the digital advertising campaign and on DFES social channels.

West Coast Fever netball star Emma Cosh, who was born and raised in Geraldton, has also added her support to the campaign, which runs until April.

Fire and Emergency Services Deputy Commissioner Operations Craig Waters AFSM stressed the importance of preparing for the cyclone season.

“For many Mid West residents their current situation would have been unimaginable to them a year ago,” Deputy Commissioner Waters said.

“The rebuilding of homes and businesses is underway and the timetable for the recovery process is different for each individual, but unfortunately the seasons don’t wait. 

“It’s important that families and businesses take the opportunity now to do some pre-season preparation to their properties to mitigate the potential for damage from cyclones this summer.

“The key is to regularly inspect, maintain and repair your property. Check key structural elements and ensure there are no loose items on your property that could cause damage in high winds.

“We know people are overwhelmed by the impact of Cyclone Seroja. By checking your property and talking with builders, insurers and emergency services you’re not only preparing physically, but building emotional resilience as well.” 

Ms Cosh said that while she was now based in Perth playing for the Fever in the national Super League, she still had strong ties to the Mid West. She encouraged residents to prepare for the summer season after seeing family and friends impacted by Cyclone Seroja. 

“I think it’s important to prepare your home for another severe weather season this summer. I find it similar to the work athletes put into pre-season for their sport,” Ms Cosh said.

“I know it can be a challenge and everyone finds pre-season tough. But putting in the work now means that you will be prepared for whatever the season ahead throws your way.”

For information about how to prepare yourself and your property visit www.dfes.wa.gov.au/cyclone/prepare

The Mid West videos can be viewed on the DFES YouTube page.

For more information about the campaign contact DFES Media and Corporate Communications on 9395 9543 or email media@dfes.wa.gov.au